Month: December 2015


Ted Cruz accuses Jeb Bush showing concern for others.


The faltering Bush campaign is again laying off staff. NBC Senior Bitch, Andrea Mitchell, pointed out to Bush that his poor performance has again led to cuts that will result hardships for his staff’s families. She then queried whether or not that bothers him. Bush said he definitely felt badly that his loyal supporters were losing their jobs, but it’s really their fault for not being rich. The Koch brothers, who were watching, became aroused.

Texas Senator and world class misanthrope Ted Cruz, appearing on “The Bill O’Reilly Show,” pounced immediately. Said he, “This proves what I’ve long believed: that Jeb Bush is full of empathy. Cruz further roared that there is no room for empathy in his party.

He then pointed out that “caring about others” is an inbred Democratic trait that befouls their DNA. Empathy shows weakness of the will. It leads to catastrophes like Obamacare, aid to poor children, and disaster relief for undeserving, blue states.

Cruz went on to promise that when he becomes the Republican standard bearer¬† he will draw a sharp distinction between himself and Hillary Clinton. He claimed that the consistently hair-do changing candidate has never grasped the core right wing concept of, “Social Indifference to Others.”Cruz then spit, hitting O’Reilly whose mood turned dark as he’d recently been steam cleaned.

Fox News, in a press release, said that during all future Cruz appearances their hosts will wear plastic roof sheeting. They further promised that Megyn Kelly’s political credibility, her legs, would not be covered up.

In conclusion, Cruz went on to call for Jeb Bush to drop out the race and throw, along with his nine backers, his support to him.

Editor Ken (Pissed at all Democrats.)


We are proud of all of our right wing candidates for President. Each has earned the highest marks in their blindness to the needs of anyone but the wealthy. While all of them are qualified to lead our nation back to the fifties, they are pussies when viewed next Ann Coulter. She’s the very best when it comes to mean spirited-ness and balls out cruelty. To Wit: Ann has videos for sale of her putting on her makeup while stepping, egret like, while over hurricane and earthquake victims with incomes under two hundred thousand dollars.

Her recent book, “Adios America: The Lefts Plan To Turn Our Country Into A Third World Hellhole.” This editor feels that the title may be a bit subtle for the book’s target audience, frightened white men who consistently vote against their own economic interests. Her work soars to new heights in denigrating some of the world’s most vulnerable and underprivileged people. The never ending piss Ms. Coulter takes on the most helpless among us, speaks to her strength of character as well as her ability to produce urine on demand.

It is my belief that as our candidate, she can take many women voters away from Hillary Clinton. A recent poll we conducted by “The Right Wing Gazette” shows that almost 47% of American voters believe that Ann Coulter really is a woman. Our poll has a plus or minus margin of error of 47%.

Ann Coulter, it is time to throw your fangs into the race!