Month: July 2020



ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS (AB-FAB):  was a bawdy British sit-com that was a cult hit here in the States in the late 90s and early 2000s.  Its co-creator Jennifer Saunders wrote and starred in all the episodes. It was a send-up of all that was trendy, shallow, shiny, crass and empty. The two main characters, Edina (Saunders) and Patsy (Joanna Lumley), were self-indulgent, shallow, amoral and without a decent value between them.

Saunders’ writing was funny, often hysterical. Her words were at times insightful.

The characters were constantly tormented because the bling, exotic trips and life’s excesses the two indulged in never could fill the cavernous void inside of them.

One scene had Edina sleeping fitfully when an angel appears and sings a beautiful song to her. But then the Devil shows up.

The angel and the Devil insult one another for a short while, but eventually call a truce and talk civilly. It’s not long before both begin to lament the current state of the world with its mean-spiritedness, crudeness, vulgarity and it now being nearly devoid of decency.

The Devil is greatly troubled that the world now easily embraces things that were once considered vile and despicable. Knowing that nobody longer fears her, she asks the angel “If I’ve become acceptable, then what’s the point of me?”

Thinking about the nightmare that Donald Trump continues to put our country through, I have to ask, “What is the point of having a Devil when we’ve got it covered up here?”







When I started The Left Wing Gazette about five years ago, it was my intent to ridicule the Republican Party’s cruel policies and to mock the people who buy their fear-mongering and continue to vote against their own financial interests to elect them.

My motivation for continuing to write this blog has now morphed into an act of survival to get me through Trump’s Amityville Presidency.

Like many of us, maybe all of us, he’s gotten into my head, scared and traumatized me. What I read, see on anti-Trump websites and hear consistently is a deep-seated pessimism that he will be re-elected. When I think of this, I get the same sick feeling in the pit of my stomach as you do.

People who have known me and lived to tell about it will tell you that I’ll never be the poster-boy for optimism, but at this moment, and thanks to the creature’s inability to care about human life and the never-ending sharing of the twisted thoughts from his twisted brain, I don’t think our pessimism need be as deep as it’s been.

There are more and more positive signs that he will be out of our lives shortly (not soon enough). The polls are incredibly favorable for us at the moment and that includes the swing states. And before you invoke 2016 and say that Hillary was also ahead in the polls, know that she never held the kind of lead Biden currently does.

Trump won Florida by one point. Today he trails by six. It seems that the many seniors who voted overwhelmingly for him before don’t seem terribly fond of the thought of dying from the Coronavirus. Go figure.

While I’m starting to see some blue sky behind the dark clouds, I’m nowhere close to breaking out the champagne. But I do allow a little sunshine into my life. It helps me even if I can only do it for short periods of time.







Mike Pence: Welcome to “The Donald Trump Hour,” where  decency comes to die. Among Donald’s guests tonight are three morons who won’t wear masks, but will show us the creative ways they use to stick their heads up their asses.

Now, without further ado, let’s welcome the world’s most beloved ramp-waddler, a man with less of a grasp on reality than the entire ward in “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest,” hereee’s Donny.

TRUMP: Thanks, Mike. Now we have a great show for you tonight. My guests include the Governor of Texas, who will show us that you don’t need to be ambulatory to be an idiot. We also have my favorite doctor, Anthony Fauci, who will try and talk to us while bound, gagged and submerged in water. And as a special treat, we have my favorite boy-band, “Kids in Cages.”

Now I see that tonight’s audience is made up of Nazis and two of my favorite white supremacists, Samuel Alito and Clarence Thomas… Can you feel the hate?

Everyone applauded.

TRUMP: To get off on the right foot, everyone move closer together and cough on each other. (They Did) Excellent. Especially you, sir. The phlegm was a nice touch.

We’re going to take a commercial now from my favorite sponsor, Hydroxychloroquine P.M… Be sure to come back and see me use Mike Pence to demonstrate just exactly how Vladimir Putin bends me over a desk.