Prior to boarding Air Force One last week, sources inside the White House informed us that because of the Mueller investigation closing in on him, Donald Trump was in a vile mood. How could they tell?

Trump’s state of mind improved when he took off for the G20 summit in Argentina. He’s always felt a kinship with that country for the many Nazis they took in and hid after WWII. A service he may himself need one day.

When Trump arrived in Argentina, the first thing he did was pay his respects to his favorite dictatorette, Eva Peron. Trump went to her grave-site where he laid a wreath and a hooker.

Our fearless leader was perturbed by Vladimir Putin’s high-fiving with Saudi Crown Prince Salman. The Saudi Crown Prince and America’s Clown Prince worked things out later in a private meeting , where Salman presented Trump with his own personal “John Wayne Gacy Autograph Model Bone Saw.”

Trump was thrilled when all the dictators met in private and secretly voted him “The Tyrant Most Likely to End Global Warming by Blocking Out the Sun with His Ass.”

While Trump was in Argentina, former President George H.W. Bush passed away. The President was almost moved to tears realizing he wouldn’t be the center of attention for the next few days.

Air Force One  was sent to bring the body of the former President Bush to Washington. The coffin that he rested in was placed next to the coffin the President sleeps in. Trump’s casket has a firm, luxurious mattress, and the Seal of the Office of the President is embroidered on his plastic sheets.

Trump, for the first time in his life,  flashed a modicum of decency when he honored Bush’s memory by saying, “George Bush was a wonderful man, husband and father who will always be remembered for the beer empire he built.”



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