Earlier this week, Donald Trump placed a call to his new best pal, Roy Moore. What follows is a somewhat legally-obtained transcript of that call. Trump: Hey, Roy. I’m calling to wish you luck and remind you that it’s vital we keep people with empathy and compassion out of my government. Moore: I know, … Read more


  BLOOD LUST It has become evident that Rex Tillerson is about to become the next victim of Donald Trump, a.k.a. the Amityville President. Sarah Sanders was influential in Trump’s decision to fire Tillerson, as she lobbied relentlessly for the Secretary’s removal because she resents him for being prettier than she is. Trump’s list of … Read more


  The Left Wing Gazette, America’s most prominent non-existent newspaper, will be closing for Thanksgiving so that I can travel to Florida and celebrate the holiday with my family that I love and tolerate. Prior to the holiday, President Trump will pardon the White House turkey which means, that this year, he’ll be pardoning himself. … Read more