VERY STABLE GENIUS Seeing the President display even more bizarre behavior than usual, Donald Trump’s staff suggested that he to talk to a trained professional. Trump’s response was, “Oh goody, hookers.” When his staff explained what they meant, Trump agreed to meet with a shrink on the condition that it not be made public. The … Read more


THE SWAMP The Left Wing Gazette has just learned of a lawsuit being brought by “The Swamp” against Donald Trump. Among others named in Swamp V. Trump are Sarah Sanders, Lindsey Graham, Mitch McConnell, Kellyanne Conway and Rudy Giuliani. Upon learning of the legal action, Giuliani called Trump and offered to represent him in court. … Read more


IMMIGRATION Jared Kushner presented his father-in-law’s new immigration plan to a group of Republican Senators last week. Afterward, a number of them came to the conclusion that Kushner was “clueless.” We find that very difficult to believe because of Jared’s great success in bringing peace to the Middle East except for the knifings, shootings, rocket … Read more