COWARD-in-CHIEF Wayne Lapierre is the current head of the troubled (not by morals) NRA. His family, originally from France, moved to Canada but left for America when they realized Canadians weren’t violent enough for them. LaPierre’s parents were devout Catholics and sent him to a parochial school where he was repeatedly traumatized by the girls … Read more


DEAD INSIDE In the interest of full disclosure, let me state that Stephen Ross and I both graduated from Miami Beach Senior High School. We were years apart,  I’ve never met him, and even though I was fortunate in my career, he is a billionaire and I am still five dollars short of that, so … Read more


N.R.A. The Left Wing Gazette, through its commitment to the honest reporting of the news, was able to secure an interview with a N.R.A. executive. We wanted to interview him in our offices, but he insisted that we meet at an abattoir. When we sat down, I asked, “Would you like to use the restroom?” … Read more