In circuses, workers with shovels are always stationed close by the elephants. They never know when or where an elephant will have a bowel movement, but they know it definitely will. And like circus workers, Trump’s underlings never know when their boss will open his mouth and crap the floor, just that he will. … Read more


  Donald Trump and his administration’s highest ranking grinning idiot, Kellyanne Conway, flew to Moorefield, West Virginia, where hundreds of his diehard supporters had been bused in to prop up the President’s ego, which has all the strength of phyllo-dough. His voters were in a great mood having been given a can of stir- fried … Read more


  With Donald Trump’s behavior resembling the action of a SuperBall, only less stable, Ivanka thought her father should talk to his psychiatrist. This was easier said than done because his last shrink, Dr. Harvey Slavin, was so traumatized by seeing how Trump’s mind worked that he’s  moved six times six times since their last … Read more