PRISONER 45343 Last Friday, federal judge Amy Berman Jackson revoked Paul Manafort’s bail for jury tampering. Manafort is, of course, one of Donald Trump’s closest friends. The two men enjoy each other’s company so much that once a year they travel to the New Mexican desert to bond by slithering under rocks and shedding their … Read more


PSYCHO SUMMIT Kim Jong-Un, who is trying to legitimize his country, and Donald Trump, who is well on his way to destroying his, have met in Singapore. Very little was expected from these two loons who are less balanced than Fox News. Kim flew out of North Korea with two identical planes also leaving at … Read more


PARANOIA SUMMIT It appears that the world’s two most mentally unstable leaders will soon sit down with each other in Singapore. Trump has already begun to downplay expectations by telling people that the first meeting will just be a meet n’ sniff. Before contacting Kim Jong-Un, the President finished building a shelf for his upcoming … Read more