STAFF INFECTION John Kelly is the latest victim of America’s walking, talking Ebola virus known as Donald Trump. The President has announced that he won’t be throwing his soon-to-be former Chief of Staff under the bus. This is not an act of decency on Trump’s part, it’s just that there’s just no room left under … Read more


ARGENTINA Prior to boarding Air Force One last week, sources inside the White House informed us that because of the Mueller investigation closing in on him, Donald Trump was in a vile mood. How could they tell? Trump’s state of mind improved when he took off for the G20 summit in Argentina. He’s always felt … Read more


SEEKING HELP Desperate to keep people from knowing that he hears voices, Donald Trump had psychiatrist, Dr. Phillip Foster, smuggled into the White House disguised as Sarah Sanders. As Foster was going to the Oval Office, a tour passed by and someone commented, “She looks so much less masculine in person.” Another tour member said, … Read more