ME-ME-ME Donald Trump, who has never been able to sustain a relationship with reality, agreed to talk with us here at The Left Wing Gazette. He’s comfortable with us because, like his humanity, we don’t exist either. When we first sat down, the truth bit Trump on the ass, but he didn’t know what it … Read more


THE POPEYE MOMENT People in the movie business, when talking about action movies, will sometimes mention “The Popeye Moment.” It happens when the movie’s hero, after taking so much crap from the bad guys, has had enough and explodes. The term is derived from every Popeye cartoon ever made, when after getting kicked all over … Read more


BROOM For his final magical misinformation tour before the midterms, the President boarded his plane, Air Fear One, and then personally wanded everyone boarding to be sure none of them was sneaking any compassion, decency or morals on board. When Trump finished, he was satisfied that his flight would have its usual venom- packed ambiance. … Read more