Rudy Giuliani, when told we were a nonexistent newspaper and appreciated being lied to, consented to meet with us as he rode to work in his New York office. His limo driver picked us up first. When the car arrived at his home, the President’s lawyer and obfuscator climbed in. The driver asked, “Where to, sir?” … Read more


TRUMP’S PAL Cornered like a rat, Donald Trump needed to vent, so he speed-dialed his BFF, Satan. The devil actually despises him, but treats him well because Trump’s one of his best producers. When Trump called, he was put on hold for fifteen minutes by Satan’s secretary, Strom Thurmond. The Devil finally got on the … Read more


TRUMP’S FOLLY After achieving a new low in Presidential insincerity with his border-wall address to the nation, Donald Trump sat alone in the Oval Office. He knew that no-one other than his core supporters bought his fictions. It should be noted that thanks to the prosperity Trump has brought to those supporters, most expect to … Read more