RUDY’S BACK After months out of the public view, Rudy Giuliani has re-emerged from the Everglades where he was relaxing at the Trump Swamp and Spa for Reptiles. He’d again answered the call to make a fool of himself as well as defend Donald Trump’s most recent act of treason. His first night back in … Read more


BOLTON Upon his recent firing, John Bolton wanted to explain himself to the American people, but credible news outlets refused. We jumped at the chance as this paper’s founding principle is to protect the free speech of lunatics. We weren’t comfortable with the idea of sitting down with him at first, but once he showed … Read more


TRUMP FAMILY DYNASTY Having gotten word of his children’s infighting over which one would carry the family dynasty forward, Donald Trump decided to meet with them in the White House library, which hasn’t been used since he took office. Trump’s semi-human spawn waited for their father, who was running late from just having fired John … Read more