In the interest of full disclosure, let me state that Stephen Ross and I both graduated from Miami Beach Senior High School. We were years apart,  I’ve never met him, and even though I was fortunate in my career, he is a billionaire and I am still five dollars short of that, so we don’t travel in the same circles.

As for my five dollar shortfall, I’ll discuss my Go Fund Me page in a later post.

Last weekend, Ross held a lavish fundraiser for Donald Trump to help extend Fearless Leader’s reign of terror for an additional four years.

It would be easy to write Ross off as just a cold and heartless billionaire, except for the fact that his Stephen A. Ross Foundation has given hundreds of millions of dollars to organizations that deal with researching junior diabetes, fighting climate change and improving urban areas. This would seem to indicate that his heart’s in the right place.

So why is Ross trying to help re-elect a man who has no ethics or morals and who is so dead inside that he stole from his own charity and used the money to have portraits of himself painted?

Ross says he disagrees with Trump on many issues but likes his approach to the economy. Ross’s position is the clearest example I’ve ever seen of just what the Republican Party is about. Money over people, money over all else. I believe that Ross cares about people, but not nearly as much as he cares about his money.

So how does a man who is almost eighty and worth over seven billion dollars reconcile his charitable side with his venality? How at this point does he not get that he should be placing people’s lives and the quality of those lives and the interests of this planet ahead of acquiring more wealth?

So Mr. Ross, just how rich do you need to die?

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